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A submission form will need to accompany your samples and can be downloaded from this site.
Click Here.

Test Type
Accepted Samples & Shipping
Scrapie Susceptibility
Codon 171

Blood cards can be sent regular mail

Whole blood in EDTA tubes should arrive within 2-3 days

Ear tags can be sent regular mail

Standard 1-4 business days
Express option - Call lab

The "Express option" gets your results completed the next business day after they arrive for $10 additional per test.

Please call the lab in advance
of mailing your samples (only when requesting the "Express" option).
We will need to know what day your samples will be arriving so we can reserve space for them.
Scrapie Susceptibility Codon 136 $12
Combined Scrapie Codon 171 & 136 $20
Spider Lamb Syndrome $12
Combined Scrapie Codon 171 & Spider $20
Combined Scrapie 171 & Codon 136 & Spider $30
Ectodermal Dysplasia (Hairy Lamb Syndrome) $12




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